Collection of Perspectives

Wa – Kei – Sei – Jaku

Wa - Kei - Sei -Jaiku These four words are the pure spirit and soul of the Tea Master Sen Rikyu (1522 - 1591) . It symbolises that practitioners integrate in their tea ceremony and daily life to become a master. It is said that only after realising Wa, Kei en Sei, and only then - Jaku…


Kintsugi: Golden Joinery Japanese tradition to repair broken dishes with urushi lacquer and powdered gold. Concept for Wabi- Sabi; finding the beauty of imperfection The importance is not the physical appearance of the object,  it is about the beauty and importance that is in the one who is looking at the object - not the object itself.  …

A Wabibito.

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A Circle.

Circle - Cercle - Cherchio - A shape. A circle is called Ensō in Zen Buddhism. It is hand-drawn and expresses a moment when the mind is free.