Since you are browsing this packing list, it is probably your first time Vipassana, good on you !

So what will you take ?
From my experiences I would suggest to keep it simple.
The things you will take extra could become your biggest distraction in the 10 days & 24/7 of noble silence.
There are blogs that refer to taking a massage ball with you to relax your soar body. But as the technique wants you to go through whatever your body (&mind)  experiences, I would not advise.  And if there is pain you can not deal with, there is plenty of help if you really need some, just ask the manager in the centre.

So there we go;


  • Water bottle
  • Thermos for your tea
  • Comfortable clothing and add a big scarf to your suitcase
  • Ear plugs
  • Hand wash detergent
  • Possibility to give a donation

Now you have packed your essentials, This is what I would bring if I where you too:

5 sets of clothing and everyday a set of fresh underwear are enough. The temperature of your body will change during the meditation and therefor I would suggest to bring clothes that are thin, so you can layer your clothing. Bring also a thin shawl as it will be just that extra. I do not wear socks when I am meditating, but to go to and from the Dhamma-hall I would suggest to take some good warm and fluffy ones. Bring some slippers and/or runners to go from your the sleeping hall to the place of meditation and to eat.
Some say that white clothes are comfortable to meditate in and I agree. Sure and ever in favour of experiencing yourself if that would benefit you, but bring some shirts if you have the space in your suitcase.
Even better and what they won’t tell you is that you might discover a favourite set of clothes during the meditation. If you do too and you want to wash it to re-use it, bring your own detergent to wash by hand. There are no laundry-machines in any centre.
Don’t bring any tight clothes (yep no yoga pants too) and shoulders should always be covered.

An alarm clock is great to have with you in the night time. However you will be waked up by the bell/gong and it is not a necessity to bring an alarm clock. Ear plugs are essential if you would have a noisy roommate (yes you are sharing your room). Take some comfortable sleeping gear with you and bring a torch, just in case.
I would advise not to take any melatonine or other medication which are non-prescribed. This way you will have the possibility to experience the effect of the whole technique.

Basics; shampoo, conditioner, showergel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush
Don’t bring the total content of your bathroom cupboard to try,test and make new beauty routines. You will have a lot of time alone and I would suggest to not take anything that can distract you from experiencing the technique and its effect.  You might want to thank me later ;).

What you can not take?
Well… nothing where you can communicate with, so; no phone, no reading material, no pens/pencils, no laptop. Then no religious objects also those that are processed in jewelries, leave them at home.

Only and only if you have finished the 10-day course you can provide dana (donation) to the centre. It is up to you what you would want to donate. I find it good to make sure I have the possibility to make a donation, if I decide too.

Have fun! 🙂