on Digital Nomad life (original message jan, 2018)
Here I am going back to Bangkok from lovely Pai and lively Chang Mai.

I hoped but did not know that my life indeed could be simplified to a one day- backpack including a laptop, sportswear and a notebook.

Going back and forth to Bangkok I kept on working on Club Mondain and ilovethisconcept.com with our team.

The reason I do is because I truly foresee more and more people wanting to live the “laptoplifestyle” and to connect around the world. As I know it is possible from experience and in the meanwhile enjoying a healthy mind in a healthy body. And I choose to share this and inspire others to enjoy it too.

I have also been on the road as a business traveller but working remote is quite different..and yet there is so much to learn from eachother. Especially in the field of creating a space for a healthy lifestyle on the road..

Believe me it is not all continuously hearts and rainbows on the journey (ehhh is this an expression?).
There are practical things to consider like jetlag, bringing the wrong clothes and forgetting to bring crucial stuff or losing a credit card (euh me?).
Then you have your mind; well this one does not care about your location. whatever is in there will keep on showing up.

And then you have the human part, there are times that you are not able to connect with people the way want and express how you want, you can not reach your colleagues as internet sucks and feelings of loneliness is just around the corner as you just really want to talk to someone, hug a friend or see a familiar face

As one of my quests during these months was to experience lots of concepts to create my own healthy space while working remote and add this to Club Mondain, I learnt what my essentials are, my level of adventurousness and in what way it is so possible to overcome to really enjoy working remote. and how much I love what I do ♥️.

Hope to meet you soon at #Clubmondain too!


<<<<<One year on >>>>>

Now one year on, I am supporting associates at international companies to stay healthy with the team of Club Mondain. Working mindful & thus focused towards their health goals. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, where-ever they are. Shifting from being busy to being impactful creating a space for a healthy lifestyle.

Do I still believe in the laptop lifestyle and that location independency will be more relevant in the future: YES I do.
And I also saw for myself that it is not per se the location-indepency people are looking for. But rather are looking for that Space for A healthy lifestyle, wherever they are. Which includes freedom of the mind, passion for what you do on a daily basis and the love felt when making that “work-life connection”.

Want to be coached on these three?
Send me an email on go@clubmondain.com .

Lfs Judith