I broke two Bricks !!!

Today I am in rural China for one whole week  ! I am living with 14 international students practicing Martial Arts for 6 hours a day. It is an inspiring environment, as it is so real.  Here, everyone goes to the maximum of their ability – every single day.
All are making steps from their own basis and to see the Masters work with each of us on our own level is a real art . After the physical    part of my day I spent my evening-time dedicating to the two companies who are dear to me, working with my partners in the Netherlands. It is really crazy life at the moment but Ieehhhh I am actually living my dream …. and for me  this.is.heaven !
Being active, doing sports, enjoying and meeting new people with different perspectives and staying connected with you all and my family.

I’ll definitely elaborate on the experiences in the next coming weeks, but to name a few experiences; on my first day, three of my classmates broke a brick with their bare hands, I got punched in my face as a part of conditioning class and I got to know the basics found in the famous Horse Stand. I would never have found in my mind I would break a brick, left alone 2 at the end of week 1.
But I did it!!! I broke two bricks with my bare hands.
I also have been literally walked over as a form of massage and been stretched so far I would not ever think of reaching so far;
As I was in a split position, the Master gently asked me to breath in and with the breathing out he gently swept away my feet … 4 times. After the fourth time I had to cry so spontaneously I was even surprised.  In hindsight it actually did not hurt, but being set in a place where I went beyond my feelings and thoughts I could not go further and being brought into the nothing, just got me crying tears – instantly.

The first week was intense and I also felt welcome and at home. I feel very blessed and happy to be here and that what I actually dreamt of for a long time I am now realising; Going on an adventure, discovering and experiencing new concepts about the body, mind and health in general. I love the concepts that preferably are rooted within the history and culture of the country that I visit, so China is a great place to start. Besides aforementioned aspect I also had the urge to understand more thoroughly how it is to travel and to keep on working while staying connected to put our company of Club Mondain more in place. And last bust not leat to get what it takes to stay connected with myself, with my colleagues and with the people I would meet.
And last Tuesday all this that I and my partners planned, I finally started to materialise. All my plans, ideas and whishes from the past years.

So off I went…
After this first week I will continue my Martial Arts classes for one month here in China where I finally!! get to know what I saw on all those movies on Youtube and books I read about these subjects.
A month is ‘probably’ to short to become a Master, but I have the time to dive as deep as I can in the wisdom of the Masters, to  discover my mind and body more and learn about the Chinese way of staying healthy, understanding the Chi, the Yi and the mind-set of doing Martial Arts (I so love it!).

We already got a bit of explaining about our bodies and how Chinese find identification in the hair, teeth and fingernails to see what is going on. I am just a sponse soaking it all up, hanging on every word our Master speaks. And.this.is.heaven to me.

One of the lessons today which is worth to share is a line from my Shi Fu – Chinese for Master that I

Should not let myself down.

It was rather difficult hanging, hugging a tree like a Koala, but I got the message. As I was breathing like a maniac through my body to keep my mind steady, I desperately wanted to break that wall in my mind and to be there flexible and loving in that tree for the whole 5! minutes. But as I was almost crying from the desire I was far away from being relaxed and a strong tree warrior. I decided that after 40 seconds it was enough and I had to let myself go. But our Master gave us another change and another and another to try again and again. After our Power Training he gathered everyone around and shared some wisdom with us about his first time of 20!!! minutes. He showed us that although there might be people giving external impulses from motivation, the internal mind in each of us is so much stronger. He told us that we need to free our mind by going through it, decide to choose to grow. No matter on what level one is.

With my limited knowledge I got that as I was pushing myself in that tree, I ‘just’ had to let go and let the thoughts be a part of me. Because whatever I pushed away in the past, it comes back as soon as I am challenging myself – like in that tree. I can tell you that a lot came up and that I saw that it is indeed true what Shi Fu said; decide to grow and let go.
So I decided that in the next weeks I will train myself just a bit more on my sound mind and shaping it into the direction of that of Shi Fu.

Till the next time!

original, nov 2017