Acupuncture in Won – John

Next to our Academy is a small town, which I like to call ‘Won – John’. Won-John is actually a Chinese town which I cannot pronounce correctly left alone write … But this small village has everything a Kung Fu-(wo)man needs, including a small massage shop.
A shop with an authentic Chinese massage-man that – basically- will rub your back and put needles in your body where he thinks you need it the most.  And let me not forget that he also does something with fire and cups…

This is him:

The interior is an awesome scenery; The tv plays louds on the background and the way you get warmed up is by a big big light bulb shining above your back. The quality of this movie here is awesome, I know ;-). But it gives a good idea of the vibe..



The massage I got was good, but I wanted to experience more of the ancient Chinese Healing Techniques. So for the first time in my life I got Acupuncture.

Acupuncture goes about 3,000 years back and is a common method to release blocked energy/Chi.
It promotes the natural self-healing proces by stimulating the so-called acupuncture points. It is commonly used for i.e. chronic pain, headaches or migraines. The method is that they bring clean small needles into the body on these acupuncture points (that are part of the meridian system). I understand that experts also use electronic impulses to the needles to reinforce the stimulation and to unblock the Chi on these points.

I thought that some little needles would be okay and I was curious to find out if it would have any effect on my body.  As I ‘enjoyed’ a left side body freeze for several years, I thought that in my warming-up process – this place could perhaps give me an edge, an extra. Or in any way, if there was something to experience, I would probably feel the effect here.
So there I went, pointing to the needles that my classmate next to me already put in his arm.
He looked very calm and his breathing was normal. So again I thought, ‘what could go wrong’… I asked if I could get some fire with the cupping too through pointing to the wooden cups.
Very proud to be able to identify the places on my body that were somehow blocked – the guy started to mark the areas. And there we go …

Well how little did I know, haha.

I do not want to scare any-one, but boy did the other students that joined me could have tell me some background information of the sensations. The sensations ranged from excitement on not knowing what to expect, to the feeling that my muscle will never be able to work again to a deep relaxation when giving up on the idea of damage and accepting the needles – breathing in.  The last part did not come easily..
Ofcourse the boys that joined me had a great laugh when I got the treatment. And told me to -whatever I wanted to do – to not move.

Because the thing with Acupuncture is that once the needles are in, you cannot move anymore. You actually can, but as my classmate next to me said: “DON’T MOVE Judith, if you do – the needles will break and you have a bigger problem”, you’d rather stay lying.. haha.
So there I was, lying on the treatment table with a heater above me, warm – waiting – unable to communicate and the feeling that with every pinch of the guy putting the needles in deeper and deeper, I had to move. No – I had to run (away), but I could not. The only thing that calmed my mind is that I checked the needles upfront.

Yes people, I checked the needles.

Call me crazy, but I checked if they were clean. And as they came straight from the package I must safely say; they were clean. So the Mantra for the next 20 minutes was my only sentence that I mumbled through the pillow my face was resting on; The needles are clean.

But I must say – he got me. He got me really good. The places he put the needles in where exact. First i did not understand why he would put a needle in my calve, but after a while I started finally to realise and to let go.
When I came back to the Academy I was tired, so-so tired. Not from the excersises of that day, but from the treatment.
I turned into my bed and got to sleep. The night was crazy from sweating to nightmares to a deep relaxation.
Was it the acupuncture? Who knows…

All I know for now is that the acupuncture was a good experience – especially afterwards. The relaxation was real and deep – and I would recommend it to experience – for sure. As I am inspired by this experience I decided to also put up the Acupuncture spaces in the European capital cities on the brand new platform of Club Mondain – a space for healthy lifestyle.

So, that when you or I feel as an acupuncture-hero (again), we can definitely go.

Healthy Stays !


Original okt, 2017