So where you have to pay attention to while working at the Maling Shaolin Kung Fu Academy … 

After dinner the internet is very busy. Plan ahead and make a list of things you can do if the internet does not work.
There is definitely space for you to work. In my case I asked to work in the office, which normally was okay.

HeadMaster Bao also set up a room up on the third floor. It was a bit too cold for me and the internet is not great there. Therefore I preferred to stay on the groundfloor, in the office. The only time I was expected to work somewhere else, is when Mandarin class took place. When I was attending the academy, the class was given 2 times a week.
I attended the school in the winter so I preferred to go to my room when I had to leave the office, due to the cold. The rooms for the trainees are located on the first floor and there is quite a good connection with the internet. But if you do not want to work from your room, you can go to the dining room or conquer the cold and go upstairs to the third floor anyway.

So I was there when the winter season started. And you know what they say… 😉
Well.. If you can practice Kung Fu in the winter and in the summer season in China, you are halfway there. So if you decided to go in the winter season; it is cold – also very cold in the office! So make sure you take a beanie with you or whatever that keeps you warm. And a very awesome tip; In the supermarket you can buy a very nice electric handwarmer-heater for about 1,5 euro. If Alice – our great translator – is still there; ask her where you can buy it!

Then some short tips;

Good thing to know is that there is no printer in the school. You can go to a near town to get it sorted (ask the staff).
I recommend to write your insights down on your digital nomad existence. It will come in hand when you feel low in energy. If you do, take the list out and just re-read them (yes I do this :).
Take evenings off. Plan an evening in the week that you will go out with your buddies. How silly this might sound; Schedule some spontaneity.
Relax in the weekend. Everyone will do so and I advise you to also relax and go explore as much as possible. To take in whatever season it is in the school. It is awesome to go into the small towns and eat – well, whatever. Or… train a bit more 🙂

When Leaving 

When I was leaving the academy I had a tremendous amount of experiences. In the school I not only worked on my body and my company but also on my mind. I strongly believe in setting the foundation in being healthy in body and mind. Therefore I would advise anyone to start their journey as a digital nomad by staying in a academy like the Maling Shaolin Kung Fu school.

If you are doubting or you want some more information just reach out via or PM me via instagram on judith.stapel.

Also we are starting a digital nomad group on our platform If you want to join – just drop me a line, it’s free.

And… if you did go to the school, definitely let me know !!!

I hope these blogs were helpful for you !

Healthy Stays,